Pictured Above: City Engineer Glenn Harper presents Columbia Mayor Dean Dickey a "2013 Engineering Excellence Honor Award" from the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) of Tennessee. The honor was awarded in recognition of Columbia's Duck Riverwalk Project under ACEC's special projects category.

The Department of Development Services ensures that current and future development meets the City’s standard for health, safety, and general welfare. Our goal is to continually improve the City’s quality of life by achieving a better built environment with every new development, whether it is a backyard fence or a new commercial center.

Our staff administers all codes and plans pertaining to building activities. These include the City’s Zoning Ordinance, Subdivision Regulations, Building Code, the Comprehensive Plan, and more. All these codes can be accessed on the link to the left titled “Regulations and Plans”.

Our staff also manages all development requests that are heard before any Board and Commission, as listed in the “Boards & Commissions" link and "Meetings and Agendas” link. Please note that any such request can be brought to a board by first completing the appropriate applications. All such applications for development approval are located at the link “Permit Forms and Applications”.

Finally, our staff manages the City’s Stormwater program and other special projects ranging from new area plans to the publication of data reports. Information for these items are located in the Stormwater Program link posted in the left column.


One note for all citizens, developers, and prospective investors in the City of Columbia: our staff is here to help you with your endeavor. And so to prevent any potential conflict that could arise from a lack of communication, we sincerely urge all people to contact our office before any action is taken on a potential project.

Again, we urge you to please contact our office before taking action on a potential project. Doing so will allow us to inform you of potential regulatory needs and review processes as you develop future plans. To contact our office, please call 931.560.1560

We are here to help!



Paul Keltner

Building Official
Johnny McClanahan
Johnny McClanahan,
Chief Building Official

City Engineer
Glenn Harper
Glenn Harper,
City Engineer

City Planner
City Planner Liz Olmstead

Liz Olmstead,
City Planner