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The City of Columbia's Personnel Department was initially staffed in 1988 to provide specialized personnel assistance to every branch of city government.

With an average of 375, the City of Columbia is one of the larger employers in our community.

The Personnel Department, with a director, executive secretary, and benefits coordinator, assists each of the department heads, and particularly the City Manager's Office in the hiring process and the establishment of employee benefits programs.

The Personnel Department also monitors the City's personnel policies to assure compliance with all state and federal laws.

Our main focus is to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Establish and maintain a computerized personnel system and personnel records system

  • Assist the City Manager in Personnel service budgeting

  • Maintain a valid reference library pertaining to personnel subjects

  • Coordinate Worker's Compensation program

  • Coordinate Unemployment program

  • Monitor and maintain the employees' benefits system within budget constraints

  • Act as clerk to the Civil Service Board, maintaining civil service records and assisting board members

Any individuals interested in working for the City of Columbia can contact the Personnel Office at (931) 560-1570. All open positions are posted at City Hall and advertised in the local newspaper, The Daily Herald, as well as on this site.

Information concerning workers' rights and the National Labor Relations Act can be found at the National Labor Relations Board web site.




Connie Etzkin, Personnel Director
Connie Etzkin