The Tennessean Reports on New Growth in Households Relocating to Columbia

The Tennessean Reports on New Growth in Households Relocating to Columbia
Posted on 01/01/2017

COLUMBIA, Tennessee - New residents find high quality-of-life and numerous benefits offered in the City of Columbia, TN, increasingly choosing to relocate to Muletown and the surrounding Maury County area.

A recent Tennessean article – linked here –in the Money - Real Estate section refers to the high value in Columbia relative to other cities in the region (high value of land and housing in particular), ready and easy access to I-65 and other major US Highway and State Route networks, central location in Middle Tennessee/South Central Tennessee, and a number of other conveniences that Columbia provides residents and local businesses.

Growing numbers of incoming households and families have zeroed in on these and other reasons to purchase homes in Columbia, leading to growth in households relocating to the city. Household type and characteristics vary considerably to include first-time homebuyers, individuals and families determined to downsize, and folks simply choosing Columbia for the city's small town charm combined with public and private amenities and services that help to create a high quality-of-life environment for which the city is increasingly recognized.

High quality-of-life follows from the city's full array of municipal services, high quality recreational and natural amenities and the high value in services that the city provides for Columbia residents. In addition to parks, recreation and culture, the Columbia City Council has worked with the city’s Development Services Department to ensure that the city’s ongoing growth is managed and planned with a special emphasis on future growth. Development Services is currently finalizing an update to the city’s long-range Comprehensive Plan, currently updating three (3) sections, each section key to ensuring effective, managed growth, i.e., transportation, land-use and recreation plan updates.

The city also offers convenience and unique experiences in the private sector services available in Columbia. These include various sized and unique locally owned businesses from traditional national and regional retailers to small and family owned businesses. In particular, the Columbia Town Square and larger Downtown Columbia noteworthy area offers retail, dining and entertainment experience that residents and visitors enjoy year round.

As public and private arts and culture continues to develop in Columbia, the City of Columbia Arts District offers citizens and visitors new opportunities to share in the growing contemporary arts and music scene. Growth in arts and culture in Columbia is rooted in cultural traditions and forms, along with the artists, artisans and craftsmen, dating back to the city's establishment in 1807. Receiving growing recognition, the City of Columbia, local artists and entrepreneurs continue to work together to build the new arts and cultural district which has brought a revival of new arts and culture to the historic city.

Come visit Columbia in 2017 and enjoy the
Muletown Experience.

Photo: West Side, Columbia Town Square and Historic West 7th Street by Ross Jaynes