Columbia Police Chief Displays New Bomb Suit

Columbia Police Chief Displays New Bomb Suit
Posted on 02/09/2018

City of Columbia City elected leadership and management take part in Emergency Management Training as part of the city’s new Emergency Management Services.

In January 2018, the Columbia Police Department's took possession of Hazardous Device Mitigation equipment transferred from the State of Tennessee Department of Homeland Security. The City Council voted to accept the transfer of equipment at the February 8th City Council meeting. This is the same equipment previously owned by Maury County, but operated by the Columbia Police Department.

As the City of Columbia continues to expand the city's Emergency Management Services (EMS) program, the Columbia Police Department's two-person bomb unit will have quicker and direct access than ever. "We continue to ensure that our first responders in Police and Fire have the tools they need to keep Columbia citizens safe by focusing our resources in the City of Columbia," said Mayor Dean Dickey. The Mayor also noted that "the city's EMS program will continue to provide assistance to neighboring communities and to Maury County, also located in the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency's District 8, in the event of a disaster." The city's Police and Fire Departments have the personnel, training and equipment to respond to natural and man-made disasters. 

The photo above shows Sgt. Brad Ribley in the Bomb Suit, alongside Chief Tim Potts (left) and the Department's other trained bomb technician and officer Neyland Barber (right). Both officers are trained as bomb technicians and have additional hazmat training certifications.  The team make up the only active, local Bomb Unit in the District 8 region.

The equipment approved for transfer at the February City Council meeting consists of a bomb robot, containment vessel, truck, bomb suits, x-ray equipment and other miscellaneous equipment used by bomb technicians.