Thank an Officer

The Columbia Police Department is committed to maintaining a department that is professional and provides service to our community with integrity and honor. The Police Department encourages feedback from the public.

All of our Officers and administrative staff understand that hard work and selfless service are necessary in law enforcement. At the Columbia Police Department, our employees hold themselves to a higher standard of moral and professional conduct. Any citizen who wants to say "Thank You" to a police service that they have received or observed by any member of the Columbia Police Department may do so and be guaranteed that employee will be notified of your appreciation, if enough information is provided.

If you wish to commend the actions of a Columbia Police Department employee or any aspect of our operations, you can do so using one of the following methods:

  • Telephone 931-388-2727 (press option Number 1) and ask to speak to the on-duty supervisor.
  • Visit the Columbia Police Department at 707 N Main Street and ask to speak with the on-duty supervisor.
  • Obtain the feedback form (PDF). You can click to email it directly from the form or print the form off and mail it, or drop it off at the police department.

Your positive comments will be passed onto the employee, any supervisor in the employee's Chain of Command, including the Chief of Police, and will be included in their personnel file.