Public Education

Columbia Fire & Rescue has identified public education as being very close to our hearts. We have focused considerable attention on our public education programs. We feel that there is no better way to mitigate an incident than to prevent it. You can schedule one of our programs by contacting any of our stations. We have in excess of 10,000 citizens per year attend our educational programs. If you have participated in any of our programs, drop us an email and let us know what you thought about it.


The goal of Columbia Fire & Rescue's Public Education Program is to prevent needless injury and loss of life.

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Career Day

Columbia firefighters participate in career days at local high schools and Columbia State Community College. This is good preparation for our students in determining what profession they want to pursue.

CPR Training & Demonstration

Columbia's firefighters do a limited amount of CPR classes for private citizens and put on demonstrations at local area churches and civic organizations.

Station Tours

Station tours have been a long time favorite of children and adults alike. We always welcome the public into any of our stations to see what it's like to be a firefighter for the City of Columbia.

Blood Pressure Checks

Columbia's firefighters sometimes have booths set up at special events to do blood pressure checks for anyone who wants one. You are welcome to stop by any of our five stations at any time for a complimentary blood pressure check.

Firefighter School Lunch Program

In today's society sometimes all a child needs is a friend or mentor to sit down and listen to what is important to the child. Our program has a fire company, four or five firefighters, go to an elementary school and sit at different tables to eat lunch with the children. The firefighters may just listen, answer questions, or ask the children open ended questions to spark a conversation.

Play Safe Be Safe

Play Safe Be Safe is a curriculum geared toward kindergarten and preschool children. The focus of this program is fire prevention and surviving if a fire occurs.

Risk Watch

Risk Watch is a program geared toward elementary children. It is a multifaceted program that deals with everything from fire safety, to bike safety, boating safety, fall prevention, seat belts, etc.

Fire Extinguisher Training

Columbia's firefighters will come to your group and teach you how to select and use the appropriate fire extinguisher to meet your needs.

Look up for Safety

Look up for safety is a program designed to bring attention to commercial and residential sprinkler systems. This program outlines a survival timeline if your home is on fire and emphasizes the importance of sprinkler systems.