Fire Station ADA Updates

Fire Station 1

Areas to Be Addressed
Van accessible stalls502.2, 502.6
Accessible route from parking space502.3
Accessible door not wide enough404.2
Door threshold too tall402.2
No tactile sign at restrooms703.4
Interior doors not wide enough404.2
ADA and non-ADA signage not placed for restrooms703.4
Coat hook at wrong height603.4
Grab bar in restroom not compliant604.5
Toilet paper in wrong location604.7
Countertop not deep enough (all floors)904.4
Restroom door not wide enough404.2
Clearance under lavatory and height in restroom not met306.2, 606.3
Clear floor space around water closet too small604.3
Flush control on toilet in wrong location604.6

Fire Station 2 – Lion Parkway

Areas to Be AddressedCode
Front door hardware not compliant404.2
Wrong tactile sign height and background color703.5

Fire Station 4 - Trotwood

Areas to Be Addressed
Door threshold too high402.2
Protrusion from wall Greater than 4 inches307.2
Tactile sign for restroom not correctly located.703.4
Door hardware not compliant404.2
No bench in locker room area404.2
No signage for restrooms703.4
No coat hook in restroom603.4
Disabled parking space ramp – no level landing405.7, 403.3
Van accessible space and route not installed or incorrect502.2, 502.6, 502.3
No hand rail for ramps higher than 6 inches405.8
Less than 18” with no obstruction for door404.2
Door clearance too narrow4.4.2
Restroom in wrong location and wrong size604.5, 609.3
Grab bar clearance not compliant609.3
Toilet paper in wrong location604.7

Fire Station 5 – Nashville Highway

Areas to Be Addressed
Door hardware too high404.2
No tactile sign at restrooms703.4, 703.5
No ADA sign on restrooms216.8
Coat hook at wrong height603.4
Towel dispenser at wrong location308.2
Grab bars not compliant604.5
Restroom door not self-closing604.8
Restroom door hardware not compliant604.8
No van accessible space or route502.2, 502.6, 502.3
Parking spaces and stall sidewalk tramp – no level landing405.7, 403.3, 406.3, 406.4
Ramp width and handrail not compliant405.5
Water fountain too high for a greater than 4 inches protrusion307.2
Restroom door less than 18 inches from edge of door with no obstruction404.2
Unprotected pipes under lavatory606.5
Insufficient clearance from wall for toilet604.2
Restroom clear floor space at fixture604.3
Toilet flush control at wrong location604.6
Toilet compartment not 60 inches wide604.8