Wastewater ADA Updates

Areas to Be Addressed
No ADA van parking stall sign and wrong height502.6
Main door closing too fast404.2
Mats not secured to floor303.2
Defibrillator more than 4-inch protrusion wrong placement307.2
Tactile star on elevator missing407.2.3
Tactile sing on women's restroom in wrong location703.4
Restroom door hardware not compliant404.2
Coat hook too high603.4
Unprotected pipes under lavatory (women's)606.5
Towel dispenser at wrong location308.2
Grab bar wrong location604.5
Toilet paper holder in wrong location604.7
Restroom door not self-closing604.8
No door pull on the women's restroom stall604.8
Front desk countertops not compliant904.4, 306.2
Door less than 18 inches from edge of door w/o obstruction404.2
Flush controller wrong side604.6