Columbia Fire and Rescue Chief Ty Cobb

From Fire Chief Ty Cobb

As the Fire Chief for the City of Columbia, it is my honor to introduce you to Columbia Fire & Rescue's most valuable asset, our personnel. These men and women have worked very hard to continue the legacy built by our department over the years. Since 1868, hundreds of dedicated firefighters have served Columbia Fire & Rescue with bravery and selfless dedication to protect our residents and visitors.

Columbia Fire & Rescue has five divisions:

Core Values

Our department is built on the following core values: Honor, Duty, Trust, and Integrity. These core values guide the thoughts and actions of each firefighter every time the alarm sounds. I'm very proud to be counted among these men and women as we live out the core values every day.

  • Honor guides our thoughts as we serve those in our care on a daily basis. Our goal is to treat each person we serve with great respect and compassion while they are in our care.
  • Duty reminds us we have a moral and legal obligation to care for those we serve. Our top priority is to always remember how precious these souls are as we fulfill our duties every day.
  • Trust is a value that is earned and can be lost in a moment's notice. We will strive to earn this value in every act of service provided to those in our care.
  • Integrity is a personal choice made by each member of this department to hold all of these values to the highest standard. We are thankful for the opportunity to be entrusted with your care.

Organizational Chart