Hiking and Mountain Bike Park


Your Next Trail Destination Just Got a Whole Lot Closer

Welcome to our newest greenway, a twenty-acre wooded hiking and purpose-built, comprehensive mountain bike trail system. Featuring 2.5 miles of beginner, intermediate, and advanced single-track trails. Including several cross-country trails and some amazing downhill options with plenty of technical and natural features to explore and traverse - spend an hour or an entire day here and you won't be disappointed!

Don't worry about your experience as a rider because progression is king here. Whether your just starting out with your first bike or a gnarly mud-covered veteran (although we do recommend you always respect the trail your riding and never ride in wet conditions!) we have got the trails for you. If you're not sure where to start we suggest tackling the trails in this order: Greenwood Loop, The Chipmunk Trail, Bobby's Hill, Coyote Canyon, Skeeter, Grizzly Bear, Whitetail, Raccoon Ridge.

This park is located at 711 Tom Sharp Road, Columbia, TN 38401, next to Fire and Rescue Station No. 3 on Bear Creek Pike.


Cross-Country Hiking and Mountain Bike Trails

Great for beginner riders, or those just looking to put down some distance in the woods, our cross-country trails are open to all users. Including some thoughtful meadow trekking, contemplative wooded walks, and some great forest trails.

Greenwood Loop [Beginner] - 0.22M

The first and easiest trail that everyone should start with when visiting, the Greenwood Loop is 0.22 miles and has 17 feet of elevation difference. it's a quick warm-up and a great introduction to wooded singletrack. You'll be able to develop your cornering, braking, line choice, and speed management. This trail features a scenic meadow and overlook of Fire and Rescue Station No.3 and is ridden clockwise.

The Chipmunk Trail [Beginner] - 0.66M

Starting from the parking lot and serving as the primary access point to all cross-country and downhill trails, The Chipmunk Trail is the backbone of this trail system. This wooded singletrack trail is 0.66 miles and has 71 feet of elevation difference which include both the lowest and highest point of this greenway.

A continuation of everything developed on the Greenwood Loop this trail adds some more substantial climbing while further developing cornering, braking, and line choice through narrow trail - all while managing your speed accordingly. This trail features a rest and rallying stop, narrow pass through pine trees, and finishes with a 34 foot climb that connects to the western edge of the Greenwood Loop.

Bobby's Hill [Beginner/Intermediate] - 0.18M

This short trail branches off from the western edge of the Greenwood Loop and most notably features a beginner jump and continues on with a short singletrack trail that merges with The Chipmunk Trail. This jump is designed to introduce riders to jumping on their bike and what to expect with a table-top feature. Mastery and comfort of this feature means you are ready for your first downhill trail - Coyote Canyon!


Downhill Mountain Bike Trails

Our downhill, gravity style, mountain bike trails are designed specifically for mountain bikes. Hikers are highly discouraged from traversing them. Offering a little something for every skill level these trails are sure to keep you on your toes and get you in the air.

Coyote Canyon [Intermediate] - 0.12M

The first downhill trail as you continue along the Chipmunk Trail from the parking lot, this downhill has a number of table-tops and a few small doubles to get your warmed up!

Skeeter [Intermediate] - 0.13M

The second downhill trail as you continue along the Chipmunk Trail from the parking lot, this downhill has a number of table-tops and a few small doubles to continue your progress!

Grizzly Bear [Intermediate] - 0.15M

The third downhill trail as you continue along the Chipmunk Trail from the parking lot, this downhill has a number of table-tops and a few small doubles while also including a few interesting natural features and rock drops. This trail is accessed at the height of the Chipmunk Trail, after forking right at the trailhead.

Whitetail [Advanced] - 0.12M

Things start to get a little interesting with this berm-laden flow trail. Featuring more than a few table-tops and some very interesting rock gaps, this advanced line will really test up and coming riders.

Raccoon Ridge [Advanced] - 0.25M

Accessible by going over the berm right at the start of Whitetail, this advanced line features an impressive amount of lines with all kinds of natural features, gaps, and drops! This even includes our biggest gap jump!