Looking for a sport to pick up? We've got you covered!

We at the Parks & Recreation Department are dedicated to providing quality service to all residents of Columbia. With the leadership of Ra'Kwaan for the athletics programs, we aim to ensure the safety and development of all the participants -- all while having a great time.

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Of all the sports we provide services for, basketball may be the most utilized by the community. The indoor courts at Macedonia and Armory are always filled with adults and youth enthusiasts. Our facilities -- indoors and outdoors -- have been the training grounds of generations of athletes; providing opportunities, honing their skills, and cultivating their love for the sport.

The City of Columbia has always been supportive of our local athletes. The Adult Men's and Youth Basketball Leagues have been running for years and has been a huge influence to our community. Check out when our next leagues will run and compete to be the best!

Flag Football

Flag Football is a variation of the football we all know. Instead of tackling someone, you have to get 1 or both of their flags placed at their waist to get a down. Football with no contact? Too easy, right?

Wrong. Flag Football is a high intensity, fast-paced, non-contact sport by itself. You may be a football superstar, but it does not guarantee you'll be great at Flag Football as well. Want to test your skills? Check out our upcoming clinics and leagues for adult and youth athletes!


Patterned from the game of baseball, Kickball is a sport you can play with family and friends. Find a rubber ball, create two teams and meet at a baseball diamond. No need for hats, gloves, or bats. All you need is a time and place, and you're set for a great game of Kickball!

Keep your eyes out for our upcoming Adult Co-Ed Kickball League! Need a place to practice with your team? Here's a list of our available parks.


With a growing community in Columbia, Pickleball is starting to be more accessible to our residents. With the indoor court at Macedonia and outdoor court at Fairview, players always has a place to train and build their skillset.

Ever thought of going competitive? Join our next Pickleball League and be Columbia's best!

Interested in signing up? Check our upcoming leagues HERE.