Columbia Mayor's Youth Council

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Columbia is a growing city and can greatly benefit from broadening opportunities for youth involvement at a local level. Through the Mayor’s Youth Council, students in Columbia will grow to become the next leaders of our city, and their participation will create a foundation for expanding our population of informed high-school students. In addition, a council of student representatives will create an ideal avenue for local politicians to interact and learn from their constituents. 

CMYC 2022-23 ClassColumbia Mayor's Youth Council Class 2022-2023


Mickey Boshers – Mt Pleasant

Dennis Campos – Central

Journey Davis – Central

Helayna Garlett – Spring Hill

Maggie Graham – Central

Aiyana Hamlin – Spring Hill

Savannah Honea – Central

Alice Kinzer – Mt Pleasant

Warner Ussery – Spring Hill    



Lexi Augustin -Zion

Caroline Cashion – Central

Sarah Cooper – Liberty University Online Academy

Patton Duvall – Central

Owen Hollis – Central

Ayanna Jones – Mt Pleasant

Myla Lindsey – Mt Pleasant

Chloe Moore – Culleoka

Madison Smith – Central

Lily Tweedy – Spring Hill



Anna Brewer- Columbia Academy

Ryan Bytwerk – Culleoka

Brooke Gibbs – Culleoka

Carter Lawrence – Central

Tre’Veontae Martin – Central

Ke’ Veontae Martin – Central

Haylie Thurman – Hampshire

Current Projects 


Join the Columbia Mayor's Youth Council in brightening holiday spirits by supporting the Holiday Toy & Book Drive! The CMYC will be supporting The Maury County Public Library, The King's Daughter's School, The Pregnancy Center, and The Family Center. We ask that you donate new, unwrapped toys. We hope you will help us spread cheer this holiday season! 

Drop off locations:

  • Columbia Central High School
  • Mt. Pleasant High School
  • Zion Christian Academy
  • Spring Hill High School
  • Hampshire Unit School
  • Culleoka Unit School
  • Columbia Academy 
  • City Hall


Maury County Public Library: 

  • Beginner, Step Up, &  Ready to Read Levels 1,2,3
  • Bilingual Materials
  • Fiction and Nonfiction
  • Junior Fiction
  • It is encouraged to search the library’s catalog to ensure you are not making a duplicate purchase

King's Daughters' School: 

  • Barbie dolls
  • Doll accessories such as doll bed, doll blankets, doll bottles, doll carrier, diaper bag, etc.
  • Dress up clothes
  • Trucks
  • Superhero
  • Books for younger kids
  • Coloring books
  • Legos (individual boards to build on)
  • Etch a Sketch
  • Cause and effect toys
  • Animal Vet Kit
  • Doctor’s Kit
  • Small canvases
  • Tempera Paint (Primary Colors)

The Family Center 

  • Toys for teenage girls and boys
    • Specifically boys

The Pregnancy Center

  • New toys for toddlers - 5 year olds


The CMYC for Columbia, TN will strive to foster leadership and community involvement among Columbia’s diverse high-school population.  


The Mayor’s Youth Council for Columbia, TN holds three main objectives:

1.    Provide the City of Columbia, through its elected leadership and other city leaders, an opportunity to engage with future community leaders to gain better perspectives regarding youth issues, concerns, interests, and ideas.

2.    Provide future community leaders an opportunity to have direct access and communication with city leaders, and allow for a student network that can meet to discuss issues important to this constituency, and to bring those issues to the forefront of city objectives.

3.    Establish a network of student representatives from varying schools within Maury County that are to act as liaisons between the leadership of Columbia and the student body of that representative’s respective home school.

Participation + Leadership

The CMYC will consist of Maury County high school students selected by a panel. After selection, the council will elect three student leadership positions. A City of Columbia employee will act as liaison to oversee the CMYC program of work. After being accepted into the program, students will have the opportunity to serve as a council member until graduation if they choose, however, commitment to the CMYC is a minimum duration of one school year. 

Chair - Leads monthly meetings, creates agendas, coordinates large projects, communicates with Mayor Molder and other local officials, etc.

Vice-Chair - Assistant to the President, helps coordinate large projects, communicates with community leaders, etc.

Secretary - Logs monthly meetings, communicates with all members of the CMYC, ensures the council and local officials stay informed, etc. 


Members of the CMYC must be available for monthly meetings throughout the school year as well as a bi-monthly Coffee with the Mayor. Projects led by the CMYC will require work outside of these meetings, also, council members may be requested to attend special sessions regarding time-sensitive manners. 


The CMYC will meet for monthly meetings at City Hall, 700 N. Garden St., Columbia, TN 38401.


The council will conduct meetings once a month. In addition, the Mayor, City Council, or City Liaison may call for a special session regarding time-sensitive issues (needed extra time for projects, community service, etc.) Regular council meetings will be held on the second Tuesday of each month (with a few exceptions) and consist of educational speeches and interactive activities from various community leaders and open discussions involving issues and/or projects raised by the Mayor or City Council, whom may provide potential service projects/programs the CMYC could implement to build a better Columbia. The CMYC will have the opportunity to also share recommendations and/or projects they wish to be initiated within the City and the ability to complete said projects. The CMYC members will have the opportunity to directly consult the City of Columbia Mayor about community service events or inquire about involvement in local government. 



In order to participate in the Mayor’s Youth Council for Columbia, TN, you must:

1.    Be a current high school student in Maury County within grades 9-12. This includes public, private, and home schools.

2.    Be determined to make a difference in your community 

3.    Be able to commit to the CMYC for the duration of the school year

4.    Attend monthly meetings and a bi-monthly Coffee with the Mayor

5.    Participate in CMYC group activities and community projects 


Within the application, you will be required to provide the following materials in addition to contact information:

1.    Documented high school transcript including unweighted GPA

2.    Extracurricular activities

3.    Personal statement

4.    Letter of recommendation from a teacher, principal, employer, local official, guidance counselor, or coach

5.    Additional references

The Application Process

Applications for the 2023-24 school year will be made available in August 2023. 


Jacey Bomar, City Liaison 

Public Information Officer and Communications Coordinator

931-560-1512 (office)

931-698-9305 (cell)