Mule Day

Mule Day Parade

Mule Day has been a popular Columbia tradition since the 1840s. It began as “Breeder’s Day”, a single day livestock show and mule market event held on the first Monday in April. Over time Mule Day evolved. The first “official” Mule Day was held in 1934, which consisted of the parade, and a mule show in downtown Columbia after the parade.

Evolving still, Mule Day went from being a single day event to a multi-day festival, attracting thousands of attendees. Saturday's Mule Day parade is the highlight of the event. If you visit during Mule Day celebrations, you might see a square dance, a mule-driving contest, a horse show, a crafts festival, or attend a flea market. Other events include “working mule”, “best of breed”, auctioneers' contest, or even lumberjack competitions. Traditional Appalachian food, music, dancing, and crafts are featured. 

Visit the MULE DAY website for more information.