Business Tax Information

Filing Business Tax on TNTAP: An Overview

Tennessee law requires businesses to file and pay business tax electronically. This guide

will walk you through this process for filing and paying on TNTAP, the Tennessee Taxpayer

Access Point.

What is TNTAP?

The Tennessee Taxpayer Access Point (TNTAP) is the Tennessee Department of Revenue’s

filing and payment system, but it is actually much more than that! You can view your

account information online at any time, view correspondence, and make your required tax

return filings and payments quickly and easily.

What’s Changed?

Business tax is now filed on a consolidated basis and not individually by county or city

location. This means only one tax return will be submitted each year. This tax return will

contain location ID numbers for each of your locations. It’s important to know that you

must file all your locations – you cannot file a separate return for each location.

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For information on TNTAP How to Sign Up and Frequently Asked Questions.