Fire Plan Review & Inspection


Fire Sprinklers, Fire Alarms, Emergency Responder Radio Coverage System, Hood Suppression Systems, Commercial Cooking Hood & Duct System, Exit Analysis, Fire Pumps, Fire Water Tanks, Pre-Engineered Fire Suppression Systems (Halon, Dry-Chemical Systems), Fire Standpipe Systems, Smoke Control Systems, and Water Systems (Fire Hydrants, Water Mains, Sprinkler Risers)

  • Installing systems without an approved fire permit will result in citations and a stop work notice.
  • Permit applications & plan submittals will ONLY be accepted electronically via email at: for file sizes under 25MB or via this DROPBOX LINK  for files larger than 25MB. Email subject line should include PERMIT TYPE and ADDRESS.
  • Plans should be a minimum of 8 ½” X 11” and in PDF format.

  • The Online Fire Application must be filled out completely and submitted with your plans.

  • Plans will be reviewed, and corrections or approved plans will be emailed back to the applicant.  Applicants will not receive a paper copy of their approved plans and will be required to have a copy of the approved plans at the jobsite for all inspections minimum size of 18” X 24”.

  • You will receive your approved plans & job card via email once fees have been paid. The approved plans and job card must be on the jobsite at the time of inspection. You will NOT receive a paper copy and are required to print the approved plans and job card for your field set.

  • All fire inspections shall be scheduled via email at Email subject line should include INSPECTION TYPE, PERMIT NUMBER, and ADDRESS.