Ride-Along Program

IMG_3676Ride-Along With Columbia Fire & Rescue

Columbia Fire & Rescue's Ride-Along Program gives citizens of all ages an opportunity to observe and participate in department activities. After the appropriate documents are filled out and returned to our administrative office, participants will be asked to select a day that works best for them to begin their ride-along with CFR.*** There is no limit as to how often participants can ride-along with CFR. 

A Ride-Along Program application is required to be filled out and submitted each time.

Applications are available below or you may stop by Fire Station 1 at 1000 S Garden St. to pick up/drop off an application anytime between the hours of 7:30am-4:00pm.


-Must follow all Ride-Along Program Guidelines

-Must be 18 years of age or have signed consent from a parent or guardian

-Must provide a valid photo ID (scanned or photographed so that all details are clearly visible)

-Must fill out and return the following documents:

Ride-Along Application

Ride-Along Authorization

Ride-Along Waiver of Liability

Email all required documents and a copy of your photo ID to our Community Risk Reduction Coordinator Hanna Miller.

***Please allow up to two business days after application submission for Ride-Along Program paperwork to be processed. Ride-Along Program applications must be processed before the scheduled date of the ride-along.

  1. HANNA

    Hanna Miller

    Community Risk Reduction Coordinator