Hilltop R/C Raceway


Time to Get Down and Dirty

Placed precisely and thoughtfully in the bounds of the hiking and mountain biking trail, Hilltop R/C Raceway is a full-dirt, feature filled, smaller scale r/c car track. 1/10th scale and smaller will enjoy the carved lines and jump faces. The raceway features a drivers stand, pit tables, and scoring stand - and always race ready!

Please be respectful of all other park and trail users and absolutely no gas powered vehicles!


Your Next Favorite Hobby Just Got A Little Bit Faster

Looking for your next best time sink? Looking for a new group of people to bounce ideas off of? Or are you just looking for something to do after work? Small scale radio controlled racing may be exactly what you are looking for. Great for racers of all ages and skill levels modern R/C cars cater to everyone and pack tons of fun into pint-sized packages. Feel free to come by the track your next time in Woodland Park and check out what we have to offer. We'll keep at spot open for you on the driver's stand!