Departmental Overview

Administration organizes, delegates, supervises, and evaluates all service areas of the department in an effective and efficient manner. This involves: annual budget preparation, work planning and scheduling, project supervision, and developing operational procedures.

The Streets and Maintenance Division
is responsible for the maintenance of 240 miles of city streets and rights of way. The staff performs a variety of demanding and diverse maintenance services involving pavement maintenance, snow and ice removal, sidewalk and curb replacement, street sweeping, litter control, and other functions. They also repair storm drains, which includes small to major maintenance projects, and clean storm drainage channels, culverts, grates, and catch basins.

The Traffic Division
provides and maintains traffic control devices for the safe and orderly movement of vehicles on City streets. This involves the installation of traffic signs and signals, plus the maintenance of visible lane markings and crosswalks. Report traffic signal outages or damage to street signs at (931) 388-8650 during Public Works business hours, or call (931) 388-2727 after normal business hours.

The Fleet Maintenance Division
repairs City vehicles and equipment and coordinates the use of contract services for fleet maintenance and repairs. This activity may involve minor to major repairs. The city garage is responsible for the repair and maintenance of all City vehicles and equipment including backhoes, loaders, street sweepers, tractors, and dozers.

The Sanitation Division
collects residential and commercial garbage and other refuse on a scheduled basis. This service is performed for over 15,000 residences and 1,200 businesses. The sanitation department also provides recycling, bulky item, and brush collection.