April Unemployment Rates Drop in Columbia & Maury County

April Unemployment Shows Continued Drop in Columbia and Maury County
Posted on 05/25/2016
Jobs on the Rise

According to figures released May 26, 2016, Columbia and Maury County continue to enjoy declining jobless rates with the release of April’s figures which show employment data through April 2016, among the most impressive declines statewide.


The most recent labor report from the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development includes a number of promising statistics showing continued improvements to unemployment and increased job growth in Maury County and Columbia, TN.


Maury County's employment rate fell by 0.3% again in April 2016 to a 3.3% unemployment rate. The change from a year prior was 1.6% from April 2016 when unemployment was at 5.1%. Per the report, Maury County has 42,860 people in the labor pool with 41,320 employed.


The March 2016 3.6% low is a boon to economic development in the Greater Columbia Area, as city staff and partners at Maury Alliance use the notable data to show incoming and prospective industries look to the city and region to consider expansion and relocation.


Economists generally consider 5% "full employment" - 5% the rate indicating normal unemployment levels in a typical, healthy economy.


For Columbia, the report revealed a similar drop, a higher decline comparing 2015 and 2016, albeit slightly, than for the county. The drop is most likely attributable to continued growth and expansion of new and existing businesses as the city enjoys new business openings and expansions almost weekly.


The City of Columbia unemployment rate for February, 4.3%, dropped 0.2% from February to March 2016. The unemployment rate also dropped an impressive 1.6% compared to March 2015, the rate one year ago at 5.9%.


Columbia has 16,690 people in the labor pool with 15,970 employed according to the most recent March 2016 data.


The City is encouraged by continued economic growth trends in business and workforce development within Columbia and the Greater Columbia Area.