Criminal Investigations Division (CID)


The Criminal Investigations section consists of two units, the General Investigators and the Special Victims Investigators, which are supervised by a lieutenant who oversees both units. They are responsible for follow-up investigations of specific criminal cases generated by the patrol division to include all criminal, juvenile investigations and special victims.

General Investigators primary function is to review and investigate reports of felony and misdemeanor criminal acts, identify suspects and prepare cases for prosecution. These cases are usually the more serious incidents reported to the police department such as homicides, robberies, sexual assaults, physical assaults, child abuse/neglect cases and any other felony cases that demand specialized investigative knowledge and time. This unit is supervised by two sergeants.

The Special Victim’s Unit investigates domestic violence and sexual assault crimes. The unit reaches out to victims, assisting with orders of protection, prosecution, and providing them with all assistance possible. The unit works closely with domestic violence advocates and also the District Attorney’s Office to ensure successful prosecution, especially with those who are repeat offenders. This unit is supervised by one sergeant.