Columbia Street Paving

Columbia Street Paving
Posted on 08/14/2019
Columbia Street Paving The City has awarded the 2018-2019 paving contract to Rogers Group. They are currently paving streets on this list and we expect work to be completed by winter of 2019.

Prior to paving the streets, occupants of structures on the street(s) being paved will receive a door hanger notifying them of the date of paving. There may be minor/temporary disruptions as the streets are being paved, during which access to the street may be temporarily closed. Please be aware fresh asphalt is extremely hot. It should not be driven on unless directed by the workers.

Any questions or concerns should be directed to the City of Columbia Engineering Division (931) 560-1560.

2018-2019 Street Paving List



Academy Lane

Trotwood Avenue to W. 7th Street

Ashwood Avenue

Campbellsville Pike to Nicholas Long Drive

Beech Street

Magnolia Avenue to End

Birchwood Drive

Campbellsville Pike to Denham Avenue

Blythe Circle

Highland Avenue to End

Bullock Street

W. 4th Street to W. 6th Street

Campbell Street

E. 9th Street to E. Valley Drive

Cemetery Avenue

S. Glade Street to Whatley Street

Chapman Lane

Nowlin Drive to McCollum Street

Country Club Lane

Pillow Due Lane to Hidden Lakes Circle

Creek Trail

Cheyenne Trail to Apache Trail

Creekstone Drive

Newt Hood Road to Creekside Drive

Crestland Drive

Porter Circle to Cheairs Circle E.

Dale Court

Steven Court to End

Darden Place

Glenrose Drive to End

Denham Avenue

Ashwood Avenue to Cord Drive

Due Lane

Campbellsville Pike to Pillow Due Lane

E. 6th Street

Woodland Street to S. Glade Street

E. 8th Street

S. Main Street to S. Glade Street

E. End Street

Hannaway Road to Fanning Street

Fanning Street

E. End Street to Amos Street

Formosa Drive

Gen. Roberts Drive to Cheairs Circle E.

Glenrose Drive

Windsor Drive to End

Greenvale Drive

Kimberly Drive to Kimberly Court

Halifax Drive

Bear Creek Pike to End of R.O.W.

Hays Drive

Worthington Road to McIntire Drive

Helm Street

South Main Street to Highland Avenue

Hiwassee Drive

Shawnee Drive to Wahella Way

Hunter Drive

Forrest Drive to Longstreet Drive

Kimberly Court

Greenvale Drive to Kimberly Drive

Kimberly Drive

Armstrong Lane to End

Lake Drive

Theta Pike to Cathey Lane

Lyon Street

Cowan Street to Crowe Street

Magnolia Avenue

Polk Street to Beech Street

McKinley Drive

Ranier Drive to End

Morgan Street

Flemming Street to Locust Street

N James Campbell Blvd

Industrial Park Road to Santa Fe Pike

Nicholas Long Drive

Ashwood Avenue to E. James Campbell Blvd

Oak Park Drive

Williamsport Pike to End

Oakview Drive

State Route 6 to End

Old Bear Creek Pike

Riverside Drive to Cody Drive

Old Hwy 31

Carters Creek Sta Rd to Depot Street

Old Sunnyside Lane

Trotwood Avenue to Sunnyside Lane

Old Zion Road

Trotwood Avenue to City Limits

Park Plus Drive

Park Plus Court to Huston Drive

Penny Avenue

Southway Drive to Dyer Street

Riddle Street

Woodland Street to S. Glade Street

Rita Cove

Steven Court to End

Riverstone Drive

Newt Hood Road to Creekside Drive

Robin Court

Steven Court to End

Rutherford Lane

240 L.F. north of London Dr to Oakland Pkwy

Sheegog Lane

Pulaski Hwy. to City Limits

South High Street

W. 15th Street to W.17th Street

Southway Drive

Polk Street to Wayne Street

Spring Lane

Cheairs Circle to Cheairs Circle

Steven Court

Dorman Drive to End

Sunnymeade Drive

End to End

W 13th Street

School St to End

W. 8th Street

Hastings Street to Webster Street

West Street

Bestview Drive to Hillview Drive

Winding Way

Southern End from Oakwood Dr to Edgewood Dr

Winding Way

Northern End from Edgewood Dr to Oakwood Dr

Woodside Street

N. Water Street to E. 7th Street