Governor Lee Removes Restrictions

Governor Lee Removes Restrictions
Posted on 09/29/2020
Governor Lee Removes Restrictions(Source: The Tennessean) Gov. Bill Lee removes all business restrictions, but says state of emergency will continue as long as feds have one. Despite pressure from a vocal group of conservatives to put an end to his Coronavirus emergency declaration, Gov. Bill Lee on Tuesday announced he would extend the state of emergency, explaining that he would do so as long as President Donald Trump's administration keeps its declaration in place.

But he also said he is repealing all Coronavirus-related restrictions on businesses and gatherings in the state, though county health departments in Tennessee's six largest cities, including Nashville, will continue to be able to set their own regulations.

"I want the economy to move forward," Lee said to members of the state legislature on a call Tuesday afternoon. "I don't want any business to have any reason to not function as fully as they possibly can. I'm advocating for that in our big six counties, as well."

On the call, Lee told members of the General Assembly he would renew the emergency order, set to expire Wednesday, as long as a state of emergency remains in place at a federal level. The extension will last for another month.

He defended his decision by noting that Trump's emergency declaration remained in place, and that access to federal funding was tied to the state of emergency.

While few statewide restrictions have remained in place, Lee told lawmakers Tuesday there will now be "no limits on any businesses," and he will continue to urge Tennessee's larger cities to repeal restrictions as well.

Some regulations had recently remained for bars, including requiring that they serve customers while seated at tables. The previous gathering limit of 50 has also been lifted.

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