Public Works


The City of Columbia's Public Works Department will be one of the top professional Public Works organizations in the state. Our projects will play a vital role in maintaining a good quality of life for the citizens of Columbia.


Provide the citizens of Columbia with safe and accessible transportation and drainage infrastructure, and provide efficient disposal of commercial and household waste.


Improve the delivery of services by the Public Works Department to the citizens of the City of Columbia.

Strategy 1: Convert all the flashers (school or warning) from wire electric powered to solar electric powered.

Strategy 2: To upgrade, replace and provide conformity to traffic and way-finding signs, so that they meet the MUTCD and are more aesthetically pleasing throughout the community.

Strategy 3: To conclude traffic system evaluations, develop a program for traffic signal cabinets.


110 Santa Fe Pike
Columbia, TN 38401


Jeff DeWire

Jeff DeWire, Public Works Director

Jeff Riggins, Public Works
Assistant Director